About the Spring Point Name & Logo

Here in New England, lighthouses play a lifesaving role, providing a fixed point upon which sailors may determine their position in chaotic and dark seas and keep them heading in the right direction. Spring Point Solutions is named for an iconic landmark in Portland Harbor where the Spring Point Lighthouse illuminates the way, and points ships to safety.

Spring Point Solutions offers the same illumination for today’s business world.

Navigating the business management waters can be challenging. Let Spring Point bring clarity, direction, and guidance as you chart your course.

In keeping with the iconic lighthouse, our “Rotating Beacon” represents steadfast direction - a guiding light in a sea of darkness.

Blue represents the calming effect our solutions bring to the most chaotic of industrial environments.

Green is for the growth our customers are able to achieve as well as for the greatly reduced paper dependency that our customers enjoy.

Black is steady and reliable. Spring Point is here when you need us.