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"I love this software. We now have the foundation to build skyscrapers."

Lola Williams

General Manager



"MotorBase brought us from chaos to control of my business. Everything is running smoother with a confidence that I have a handle on what my business is doing…"

"MotorBase makes us look very professional to our customers. We respond faster with more information with very usable forms from quotes, purchase orders, to invoicing. On the spot inventory control has made us an asset to all of our customers."

Dennis Conner




"MotorBase eliminates so much of the ‘silly” work that consumes managers time that it has allowed us to focus on actually growing the business… now we are focused on expansion and such… would never have been possible in our old process."

"You guys have by far, the best Tech support of anyone we deal with!"

Dwayne Pilgrim


Labrador Rewind, Inc.

Newfoundland & Labrador

"Spring Point has allowed us to see things in real time… We’ll all say it’s one of the best things we ever did as a company."

John McMahon


Jay Industrial Repair


"[With Spring Point] everything is housed under one system. So you operations, you have billing, and you have reporting, all within one unified system… and we’re so much more productive because of that."

"We have really been impressed with Spring Point Solutions and… just how much data we can get from the system… When you bring all that together, this really has been the most efficient, the most intuitive, and useful system I’ve ever used… It’s a joy to work in a system where everything is all under one roof! I mean, it’s top notch."

Kristina Wilson


Jay Industrial Repair


"[QM Wizard] is a program like none other I have seen... We could standardize all of our practices across the company. That’s the answer right there"

Jonathon Gallagher

Corporate Quality Control Manager

Jay Industrial Repair


"Spring Point as a whole is much easier to use… because it’s a true one-stop shop… point & click… drill down into [a number] and understand the concepts that are behind it."

"We can server our customer more efficiently."

Brandon Green

Senior Accountant

Jay Industrial Repair


"Spring Point advanced the Reed plants from hodgepodge accounting, job costing, payroll and customer service software that did not talk to each other without a good deal of manipulation to a fully integrated corporate-wide control system… and far beyond. Immediate QA Reports and an online Customer Portal helped Reed improve its customer benefits and perception. Add in the ease of EASA AR100 spec maintenance and records we find Spring Point to be a winning solution to manage all phases of our businesses."

John Richard


Reed Electric & Field Service


"Jenkins moved to MotorBase last fall to leverage the tremendous operational efficiency and technical accuracy that QM Wizard would give our shop floor and field service operations. Little did we know that moving to the cloud-based MotorBase ERP would be the key to continuing to serve customers and keep our shop open when Covid-19 forced customer service and office staff to work remotely. We didn't miss a beat!"

Iain Jenkins

President - 3rd Generation Owner

Jenkins Electric Co.

North Carolina

"I’m 70 years old, semi-retired, and I have over 50 years’ experience in motor shops. I’ve seen other programs try to achieve what Spring Point has done and Spring Point is light years ahead of everyone else. There’s a bit of a learning curve, even with the videos, but not difficult once you actually work in the system…even for a computer illiterate old guy like me."

"Spring Point Solutions should be in every motor shop around the globe!"

Don Stringer

Quality Control Manager

KW Services


"From the moment you have Spring Point/MotorBase you wonder why you did not purchase this software sooner. You have everything at the tip of your fingers…the best investment we ever made. Hands down the best."

Lori Waychoff

Office Manager

Rainbow Electric Company

Chicago, IL

"We at REM have built our reputation as a cutting edge service provider largely based on our utilization of Motorbase and QM Wizard. This technology has helped bring us into the digital age, providing us with cutting edge sales, operational, and managerial tools, differentiating us from our competition."

Brian Langille


REM Industrial Solutions

Hartford, CT

"“A f*****g epically bad-a** system!”"

Josh Iris


Ace Electric Motor Co.

Stockton CA

"The most significant benefit…we can now accurately track both jobs and inventory… no more after hours month-end closings. Every transaction is real time, so reports are up to the minute."

"We catch ours selves quite often blurting out “This is slick!” as we start using new features."

Herman Gatewood


Gatewood Electric


"The training and support team have been great, cooperative and easy to deal with. The #1 benefit to your business from having used MotorBase has been tracking jobs and parts sales from purchase to invoice. We have used MotorBase as a sales tool through accessing jobs with reports and descriptions."

David Brooks

Vice President

Brooks Motor and Electric

"The MotorBase support team is great! Not only have they solved every problem I have created for them, they have very fast response time!"

Cindy Dunahugh

Office Manager

Apparatus Repair & Engineering, Inc

"We are very happy with the quality of your product and exceptional service! I recommend you guys to other shops at every EASA meeting. I wish we would have gone with MotorBase years before we did."

Tanner Gray

T.Gray Electric Motor Co.


"…has been a great benefit to our business."

Kathy Van Helden

Moberg Electric Inc


"The [competitor] product has been functionally inefficient for our company ..... each update seems to be a step backwards, it is expensive, painfully slow and the support desk is little to no help. We have wasted a great deal of time, money & energy trying to make [it] work for our business model. We have been reluctant to use any [competitor] support for the past several years because of their ineptness while we continue to pay significant monthly fees."

"We have looked at several different options and determined the electrical distribution software package ( Motorbase) by Spring Point Solutions to be the best fit. Sprint Point Solutions is a small innovative company... Troy is very knowledgeable, responsive and a pleasure to deal with."

"Dahl-Beck Electric has used a similar package by Motorbase for the past decade and has been extremely satisfied with all facets along with the outstanding support. The Motorbase distribution package appears to have everything we need and I believe it will be a far more effective business tool for Beck Electric Supply."

Raymond Beck


Beck Supply


"The differences between MotorBase and our older system are phenomenal...I cannot say enough to praise the MotorBase System and the support we have received since purchasing it. It has enable me to do so much more and take on new responsibilities.."

Terry Hayduk

Office Manager

United Industrial Group


"MotorBase has completely changed our business. The custom reporting is worth the investment in itself… If I would have known that MotorBase was this economical and this good I would have changed over much sooner... Our months and years are closed within days as opposed to weeks. The ease of operation and the timeliness of information is incredible."

"[Spring Point is] there when you need them… and patient, knowledgeable and thorough. What more can I say."

William Furedy


United Industrial Group


"The MotorBase team has provided excellent guidance and support whenever needed. Their prompt courteous support is one of the greatest benefits of the software. Spring Point Solutions has been one of our greatest allies; they have always provided excellent support and guidance to make our job easier, taking care of our customers...We are able to work efficiently and productively to provide excellent customer service to all our customers ... From inventory to job repairs and sales the process is almost effortless but cost effective."

Patty Statzer

Bookkeeper and Human Resources

Tesla Electric Armature and Machine


"We saw a huge difference after a calendar year; we were amazed at what we were missing."

Landon Tate

Vice President

Lane Electric Inc.

New Mexico

"The forward thinking staff of Spring Point Solutions has delivered what I would truly consider the Holy Grail of motor shop software development."

Billy Bailey

IT Manager

Smith Services

West Virginia

"After conducting a very in-depth study which compared the features, functions and benefits of MotorBase to our current service center ERP software, we overwhelmingly favored switching to the Spring Point offering."

Michael Maiuri


Smith Services

West Virginia