Organize & Optimize

A few years ago “CRM” was all the buzz in the industry. In some cases companies were jumping onto one platform or another and often at significant expense to use systems that were overpriced and overly complicated. Other companies moved through the gamut of freeware offerings only to discover a lack of features, capacity, or usefulness.

With customer forms, histories, logs, and reports, MotorBase already contained much of what users required in a CRM, but it was never designed to be a true CRM system. We considered partnership arrangements with several of the CRM providers, but none of the systems seemed optimal. A better solution was needed to meet the emerging requirements: Spring Point CRM.

Information flows in real time between MotorBase and the CRM to ensure your sales reps are always prepared with the latest progress. The integration prevents multiple mismatched data bases which often occur when different systems are maintained by different people or departments within a company.