Organize & Optimize

Our Equipment Management solution allows you to categorize, link, track, and manage thousands of items from a computer or mobile device.

Use the EM solution to manage your own equipment or to offer your professional maintenance, repair, and equipment management services to your customers.

Items to include in your Equipment Management Services:

  • Catalog equipment owned by your customers
  • Predictive maintenance services
  • Visibility, transparency, & regular reports
  • Real-time data access & validation
  • Strategic ‘spare & repair’ plan
  • Equipment / spare storage
  • 24/7 web-based information flow

What is Equipment Management?

The use of a digital (or manual) system to catalog motors and other apparatus, record history, attach photos and files, schedule maintenance, view status information at-a-glance, and run tailored reports to provide needed information. Specific other aspects can include:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Document organization
  • Storage of motors & equipment
  • Minimizing downtime
  • View equipment info via the internet
  • Quickly ID spares and options

How does the Spring Point EM system work?

You establish the categories of equipment you will be managing. Define applicable statuses for each category. Technicians collect and enter nameplate data and other key characteristics and attributes for each piece of equipment and record the status, location, and other important information for each item. Documents are uploaded and managed based on permissions giving you control over the ‘document library’. The EM system tracks changes and updates.

Technicians can search the equipment database from anywhere with a WiFi or cell connection using the status, location, nameplate information, attributes, etc. to quickly identify a spare and present options to your customer.

The EM system allows you to link items of the same or different categories. For example a pump and motor combination may be linked together showing the relationship between the two items, however each item history and associated documents are tracked separately. When the motor is removed and replaced due to a failure or regular maintenance plan, the relationship between the original motor and pump is ‘unlinked’ and a new pump/motor relationship is established. The documents and histories for all three items remain intact.