Company History

95 Years Of Experience...We Got It Right

Spring Point Solutions evolved out of 95 years of experience in the electric motor repair industry. Unable to find off-the-shelf software to handle the demands of their business, Stultz Electric Motor Shop teamed with Spring Point Solutions to design MotorBase, our cutting edge motor repair management system. Unlike other products that devolved downward from developers to the job floor, the internally designed MotorBase system evolved upward, designed by people working daily on the shop floor.

Spring Point Solutions was founded by Jamie Stultz, fourth generation in his family’s motor repair shop. While running operations at Stultz Electric, Jamie worked with company accountant, Troy Locke, to find a better way to manage inventory, process jobs, and learn the true cost of each job. After researching available products they decided to write their own program and build a system specifically designed for the motor repair industry. Jamie and Troy began using the first version of MotorBase in 1995 .

As word of the new system got around, other motor shop owners came to Stultz Electric asking to purchase their proprietary new system. Stultz Electric established Spring Point Solutions in 1999, and Troy and Jamie began to focus on the formal development of MotorBase.

Word-of-mouth advertising and EASA conference appearances got the ball rolling, and sales of MotorBase took off. As Troy, who by this point had invested significant time in researching software implementation strategies, worked onsite with new customers he collected the best practices of each shop and coordinated with Jamie to incorporate them into MotorBase as they expanded its capability and functionality.

Sales continued steadily through the first decade of the new millennium. As the customer base increased, MotorBase grew into a full ERP system designed specifically for the electric motor repair industry.

Spring Point made major strides early in the twenty-teens when they put MotorBase on the cloud, making it available to the smallest shops and scalable for the largest corporations.

New people and new ideas came into Spring Point in 2013. In 2014 they developed a generic version of MotorBase. MyShopSoftware fits any job-shop environment, and the company began to realize potential outside the electric motor repair industry.

In 2015 Spring Point launched the Quality Management (QM) Wizard. Originally designed for shop level employees and field service in the electric motor repair business as a complement to MotorBase, the QM Wizard applies to any industry where checklists and forms play a role.

Today Spring Point is a rapidly growing international business with customers across the United States and Canada. Our sales, training, and tech support teams offer our customers an unparalleled level of personal support. Together, we ensure our customers are completely satisfied with every one of our products.