EASA Accreditation

EASA Accreditation is a proactive program sponsored by the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) to promote industry good practices and ensure conformance to AR100 standards.

The intent of this groundbreaking accreditation program is to evaluate service centers for evidence of compliance to assure that they are using prescribed good practices to maintain motor efficiency and reliability during electrical and mechanical repairs of electric motors. Membership in EASA is not a prerequisite for participation in the accreditation program. The program will assess, by independent third-party auditing, that a service center has adopted the good practices as outlined in ANSI/EASA AR100 which encompasses the Good Practices Guide.
~ EASA Accreditation Program whitepaper 0614

For complete information on the EASA Accreditation program including steps on how to become an EASA Accredited Service Center, visit http://www.easa.com/accreditation.

Reasons to attain EASA Accreditation:

  • Demonstrates your shop adheres to a high standard of quality workmanship
  • Competitive advantage over unaccredited shops
  • Certain customers (e.g., the government, large corporations) may soon require that all related work done for them be performed by only accredited service centers.

How MotorBase assists your shop in the Accreditation process:

  • The Accreditation Program utilizes a checklist consisting of 23 categories and over 70 mandatory criteria elements, each inspected annually (at minimum) in a combination of self and official 3rd party audits. Use MotorBase to organize all your information, record audits, and access accreditation related reports. Everything you need to pass an EASA Accreditation audit is only a click or two away.
  • Organize information
  • Match EASA label number to corresponding job number
  • Complete audit checklists
  • Discrepancy tracking
  • Corrective action records
  • Document employee training
  • Schedule events
  • Store calibration records
  • Auditor contact info

Use the MotorBase Accreditation features to track all your certifications:

  • EASA Accreditation
  • ISO Certification
  • Green Motor Initiative Verification