Detailed & Organized Data Collection

MotorBase not only collects vast amounts of data on a daily basis, but it also organizes that data and allows you to create detailed reports that allow you to analyze your business and present your customers with professional documents.

New in MotorBase

Auto Report Scheduler

MotorBase allows you to assign reports to be emailed to any email address or multiple email addresses at any time, day or night. The reports can be pre-set with the criteria and date ranges you select.

  • Schedule sales reports to be sent to salespeople every morning with the previous day sales, or every Monday for previous week sales, or the first day of the month for the previous month sales.
  • Schedule sales tax reports to be sent to the controller as a reminder on the same day every month.
  • Schedule financial statements to be sent to the owners at 3:00am Monday morning so they have it when they wake up.

Equipment / Motor Management with

Many companies rely on a large number of electric motors and other equipment (pumps, generators, etc.). Minimal downtime is imperative and rapid identification of a serviceable spare can make or break a contract.

More and more, companies are turning to electric motor repair shops to manage their equipment. More and more, electric motor repair shops are turning to MotorBase to manage equipment for their customers.

MotorBase enables the local motor shop to manage motors for their customers.

Common motor management practices include:

  • catalog motors and other apparatus
  • storing of spares
  • record history
  • attach photos and files
  • schedule maintenance
  • view status information at a glance
  • run tailored reports to provide needed information

Access data on the go from mobile devices.

Manage motors and equipment using MotorBase:

Webpage from a MotorBase customer:

MotorBase Customer Web Portal

Provide your customers access to their data through a link on your website. The Customer Web Portal enables equipment owners to view all data related to their equipment via their partner motor shop’s website.