Everything you need to manage a motor shop

MotorBase helps your shop become more efficient with value-added features for every aspect of your business from production control to accounting. MotorBase will help you see what you do well and will help identify areas for improvement. Time saved using MotorBase is time invested elsewhere.

This page contains just a few key features of the MotorBase shop management system.

Repair Job Management

MotorBase can give you complete control over all repair jobs from quoting to invoicing.

In real-time, you can view:

  • Job status in detail.
  • All desired nameplate information for any motor, hoist, brake clutch, pump, etc.
  • Exactly what tasks have been performed on any particular job.
  • The materials assigned to any particular job.
  • The technicians working on a particular job along with their time.
  • Technician or general manager’s notes about any facet of the job.
  • Unlimited photos (such as before and after photos) assigned to each job.
  • Schedule activities for each job.


  • Easily create detailed quotes for both new equipment sales and job repairs.
  • Generate Vendor RFQs from within the quoting section.
  • Utilize a comprehensive quote worksheet to calculate labor for pick-up & delivery, disassembly & testing, itemized anticipated necessary job functions, including parts and machine work.
  • Add all necessary apparatus to the quote (inventory and non-inventory) displaying unit costs, unit pricing, and markup.
  • Assign Vendor RFQs and Purchase Orders for Job to the quote details.
  • Capture comprehensive nameplate information for a motor, hoist, brake clutch, pump, etc.
  • Comprehensive quote comparisons to help determine pricing for current and future quotes.
  • Use the Price Check screen for quoting at a glance where you can see and calculate:
    • Assigned multi-level pricing.
    • All inventory items at cost and calculated price.
    • Inventory stock status.
    • Alternate inventory items.
    • Warehouse locations.

Accounting Integration

  • MotorBase integrates the entire accounting process:
  • Convert Sales Quotes to Vendor RFQs, Sales Orders, or Repair Orders.
  • Convert Sales Orders to Customer Invoices, existing Customer Invoices, and even Purchase Orders.
  • Convert Vendor RFQs to Purchase Orders.
  • Convert Purchase Orders to Vendor Invoices and Vendor RMAs.
  • Convert a Job Entry (creating a job record) to an Estimate, Repair Quote, or Vendor RFQ.
  • Convert Repair Order to a Purchase Order, Customer RMA, Progress Invoice, existing Repair Invoice, or Repair Invoice.
  • Each quote, order, invoice includes hyperlinks from their respective converted process.

Inventory Control

  • The Inventory Control process allows you thorough, real-time management capabilities:
  • Utilize a Search function to query the Inventory for over 20 different fields including Vendor Number, Manufacturer Number, Manufacturer, Warehouse, Product Line, Model Number, UPC Code, and customized fields such as HP, RPM, and Frame.
  • Assign General Ledger accounts for Sales, Inventory, and Cost of Sales by Item Category and Item Class or individually.
  • Assign Inventory Pricing on several different Pricing Methods including Markup from Standard Cost, Percent of Margin, and List Price Multiplier.
  • Define Warehouse, Product Line, and Multiplier Group on a per Inventory item basis.
  • Identify Inventory items to be part of Assembly kits.
  • Define customized fields for analysis and search purposes.
  • Assign Alternate Products for quoting and purchasing purposes.
  • Attach photos or other documents to Inventory items.

“Quick” Screens

“Quick” report screens allow you to see critical information at a glance and drill down to gain further insight. A few of the “Quick” screens include:

  • List of Jobs
    • Option to display Current Jobs, Completed without Invoice, Completed with Invoice, Current and Complete, and Cancelled.
    • Displays Job #, Customer, Job Status, Customer PO, Job Date, Priority, Motor #, HP, RPM and Salesperson.
    • Can sort by all fields and be filtered by any item within any record.
  • List of Quotes
    • Option to display all Quotes, Open, Accepted, Rejected, On Hold, and Waiting for Approval Quote status.
    • Displays Quote #, Customer, Ship To, Status Date, Quote Date, Salesperson, Job #, Motor #, HP, RPM, Accepted, Regular and Overtime, and Invoiced.
    • Can sort by all fields and be filtered by any item within any record.
  • Additional screens have similar functionality as the List of Jobs and List of Quotes screens above
    • List of Sales Quotes.
    • List of Sales Orders.
    • Price Check.
    • Quick Invoice History.
    • List of Vendor RMAs.
    • List of Vendor RFQs.
    • Quick Purchase History.
    • Quick Inventory Status.

Capturing Motor Test Data

For any job repair, MotorBase allows you to capture a complete spectrum of test data, save it with the job, and print it out on well-defined reports. Data is entered into forms designed just like the printed report. The forms may be completed on paper by the technician then turned into the office, or the technician can enter the data directly into a terminal on the shop floor. As the data is captured on the job, you can keep your customer informed on job progress and share test results.

NOTE: The QM Wizard combines the MotorBase Form function with the Condition Report function (described below) and greatly enhances the capability, usefulness, and time saving benefits. Professional final reports are generated as the technician enters task result data. Linked instructions and reference material keep employees focused at the job location and assist in training new mechanics, ensure no step is missed, and capture all pertinent test information. Information is shared between MotorBase and QM Wizard as data is generated.

Test data is captured through a number of possible forms. The MotorBase as a Sales Tool page lists them all. A few of the MotorBase forms include:

  • AC 3-Phase Motor Service Order.
  • Bearing Dimensions.
  • Mechanical Incoming Tests & Inspection.
  • AC Rewind Form.
  • Three Phase Winding.
  • Pole Hypot Test.
  • Pole Megger Test.
  • Pole Surge Test.
  • RTD Locations.
  • Service Call/Field Service Time Sheet.
  • Shaft Dimensions.
  • Single Phase Winding.
  • Winding Hypot Test.
  • Winding Insulation Megger Test.
  • Winding Polarization Index Test.
  • Outgoing Tests.
  • And over 30 more!

Employee Time Clock

The MotorBase Employee Time Clock allows you to capture all employee time information:

  • Capture employee time manually from time sheets or have employees key it in themselves as they complete job functions throughout the day. Employee time can also be captured by a bar code swipe.
  • Have employees assign task IDs to each job function they complete. Create and customize task IDs to be as simple or detailed as you desire.
  • Assign instruction, condition, and initial for every task.
  • Employees on the floor can create material requisitions during the repair process.

EASA Accreditation

The Accreditation section in MotorBase allows you to track information pertaining to your EASA Accreditation.

Additionally you can store information pertaining to other accreditations and certifications such as:

  • ISO Certification.
  • Green Motors Verification.

Consolidate all information pertaining to your EASA Accreditation including:

  • Auditor contact info.
  • Self and official audits.
  • Equipment records.
  • Employee training.
  • Company policies.
  • Outsource services.
  • Accredited repair jobs.
  • Discrepancy and corrective action history.

Mobile Paperwork

Mobile Paperwork has four main functions:

  • Images – take photos, draw or annotate on images, make electronic drawings, and upload PDF files, then send as an attachment to your MotorBase job or quote.
  • Quick PO - Quickly retrieve a Purchase Order number from anywhere.
  • Delivery Slip - slips are signed, emailed, and attached to jobs electronically from a mobile device.
  • Pickup Slip- slips are signed, emailed, and attached to jobs electronically from a mobile device.

Customer Web Portal

The MotorBase Customer Web Portal allows your customers to view their job, purchase, and equipment information via a link on your website using protocols you set on their behalf. The Customer Web Portal is a great way to show transparency in your business processes while at the same time reducing the number of questions you field from your customers asking for updates on job or order status.

More great features in MotorBase

  • True Windows-based software.
  • Advanced security.
  • Mobile access.
  • Real-time status updates.
  • No hardware or software to install.
  • Daily data back-ups.
  • Attach photos and files to any job, quote, customer, vendor, inventory item.
  • Vending machine interface capability.
  • Payroll.
  • Tax reporting.
  • Barcoding.
  • Customizable reports.
  • EASA forms.
  • Create quotes, POs, orders, & invoices.
  • Banking functions.
  • Accounts payable & receivable.
  • Real-time inventory control.
  • Special pricing.
  • Job costing.
  • Warranty tracking.
  • iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows tablet compatible.
  • RMA processing (customers & vendors).
  • and much more!