Designed from the bottom up in a motor repair shop.

The founders of Spring Point began using the first versions of MotorBase in 1995. MotorBase brings all functions required to run an apparatus repair shop into a single integrated management system.

Bring your shop from chaos to control

MotorBase is a standalone job tracking system with built-in automated accounting including: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Banking, and Payroll. No double entry required! MotorBase does it all.

MotorBase meets the varied needs of motor repair shops everywhere. This comprehensive database system tracks and records all information related to repair jobs and new equipment sales. The MotorBase system can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your motor shop.

Customize & Standardize

MotorBase supports the way you run your shop – rank customers to evaluate job priority, track customer- generated requirements, define different inventory classifications, and more.

MotorBase standardizes your accounting and defines all processes – job, inventory, and general billing (e.g., electric, telephone, rent, etc.) with general ledger account numbers. MotorBase reduces the number of accounting tasks and the likelihood of error. With MotorBase, you can be confident in the accuracy of your financial statements.

MotorBase helps standardize the job repair process. Condition Reports allow you to set highly defined task lists for specific types of jobs. Standard Condition Reports (Estimate, Overhaul, and Rewind) can be customizes to suit your processes. You can also create your own Condition Reports to include your unique processes or customer-specific requirements.

MotorBase & QM Wizard: a winning combination

QM Wizard takes the forms and condition report capability in MotorBase and puts it on steroids. The QM Wizard puts technology on your shop floor and in the hands of your field service agents. Employees move step-by-step through your unique processes, and the QM Wizard completes a professional, final report while results are being entered. Linked instructions and reference material keep employees focused at the job location and assist in training new mechanics, ensure no step is missed, and capture all pertinent test information. Information is shared between MotorBase and QM Wizard as data is generated.