Detailed & Organized Data Collection

MotorBase not only collects vast amounts of data on a daily basis, but it also organizes that data and allows you to create detailed reports that allow you to analyze your business and present your customers with professional documents.

New in MotorBase

Auto Report Scheduler

MotorBase allows you to assign reports to be emailed to any email address or multiple email addresses at any time, day or night. The reports can be pre-set with the criteria and date ranges you select.

  • Schedule sales reports to be sent to salespeople every morning with the previous day sales, or every Monday for previous week sales, or the first day of the month for the previous month sales.
  • Schedule sales tax reports to be sent to the controller as a reminder on the same day every month.
  • Schedule financial statements to be sent to the owners at 3:00am Monday morning so they have it when they wake up.

Management Reporting

Take snapshots of your business with the vast array of MotorBase reports. MotorBase reporting provides the data you need to make informed business decisions. An Operating Performance article in the January 2010 EASA Currents listed areas where it analyzed data from participants. The results of the survey are available and make a great benchmark provided you are able to analyze your own data and compare your business to analysis results. With MotorBase you can really get to know and understand your business.

MotorBase Management reports include:

  • Detailed Sales Analysis (Gross Profit Margins)
  • Job Dept/Job Type Profit Analysis
  • Customer Type Profit Analysis
  • Inventory Activity and Turnover
  • Receivables Average Days to Pay
  • Profit by Salesperson Analysis
  • Employee Time Evaluation (Which employees are the most productive)
  • Labor Rate Reporting (Are we hitting our targets?)
  • Customer Sales Ranking and Monthly Reporting
  • Quote Status Reporting
  • Quoted Job Status Analysis (Quoted vs. Actual, during the job)
  • Purchase Analysis by Product, Manufacturer and/or Vendor
  • Customer Product Purchase Analysis
  • Financial Reporting by Levels (roll up/down for summary or detail)
  • And many more!

Customer Reporting

MotorBase also provides Special Industry Specific Reports that can be printed blank, entered manually or electronically, and printed with customer job header. These are stored as forms within each job so that you can go back and review or reprint anytime.

Some of the reports that MotorBase provides include:

  • AC 3 Phase Motor Service Order
  • AC/DC Pole Drop Test
  • AC/DC Winding Data
  • Bearing Dimensions
  • EASA Warranty
  • Test and Inspections
  • Machine Shop
  • Service Call/Field Service

MotorBase management software has the reporting you need to help you make informed business decisions. MotorBase is a true Windows-based system, making it intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to learn.

The attachment capability allows you to store other items with your jobs, including equipment test data, digital pictures, scanned images, video files, etc. All reports can be emailed directly from within MotorBase. They can also be saved as pdf files without additional software requirements.