Leverage MotorBase to attract new customers

In addition to more efficient shop management, MotorBase can also be your best asset in generating new business. Use MotorBase to impress your current and future customers.

1. MotorBase Offers Detailed Motor Analysis Reporting

For any job repair, MotorBase allows you to capture a complete spectrum of test data, save it with the job, and print it out on well- defined reports. Data is entered into forms designed just like the printed report. The forms may be completed on paper by the technician then turned into the office, or the technician can enter the data directly into a terminal on the shop floor. As the data is captured on the job, you can keep your customer informed on job progress and share test results.

Consider the impression you will make and the new business you will generate when you show customers the high level of detail you capture. The testing information gives your customer a better understanding and greater confidence in the service you provide. Some of the other forms that you can use to capture data include:

  • AC 3-Phase Motor Service Order – Activity Check List, Incoming Inspection and Tests, Mechanical Inspection Before/After Repair, Winding Testing Before/Final Tests.
  • AC Induction Repair – From Inspection to Final Test Run.
  • AC Motor Inspection.
  • AC Pole Drop Test.
  • AC Rewind Form.
  • AC Stator Core Test Data.
  • AC Stator Form Coil.
  • AC Test Entry.
  • AC Winding Data.
  • Air Gap Measurements.
  • Armature Data Sheet.
  • Armature Lead Configuration.
  • Balance Report Sheet.
  • Bearing Dimensions.
  • Bearing Housing Dimensions.
  • Close Coupled Pump.
  • Coil Hypot Test.
  • Core Loop Test.
  • DC Machine Data.
  • DC Motor/Generator Test and Inspection.
  • DC Motor Inspection.
  • DC Pole Drop Test.
  • DC Repair – From Inspection to Final Test Run.
  • DC Rewind Form.
  • DC Test Entry.
  • EASA Warranty Repair.
  • Frame Mounted Pump.
  • Load Test Data.
  • Horizontal Equipment Alignment.
  • Load Test Results.
  • Machine Inspection.
  • Machine Shop Form.
  • Mechanical Incoming Tests – Inspection.
  • Motor Data Test.
  • Outgoing Tests.
  • Pole Hypot Test.
  • Pole Megger Test.
  • Pole Surge Test.
  • Pump Change-Out.
  • RTD Locations.
  • Service Call/Field Service Time Sheet.
  • Shaft Dimensions.
  • Single Phase Winding.
  • Three Phase Winding.
  • Vacuum Pump Inspection.
  • Winding Hypot Test.
  • Winding Insulation Megger Test.
  • Winding Polarization Index Test.
  • Work Order Report.

Kick it up a notch:
Show them the MotorBase/QM Wizard combination.

2. Salespeople & Field Techs Use MotorBase On-Site from Tablets and Smart Phones

MotorBase Online is ideal for use on an ipad:

  • Salespeople can give a MotorBase demonstration to current or potential customers to show how job repairs are managed and the sophisticated reports that could be generated for them.
  • Salespeople can use MotorBase to check inventory on a motor and process a sales order. They could even use an app to process the sale by charge card!
  • Field service technicians can use MotorBase on an iPad or other mobile device to document testing results, provide a report by email, and possibly process an order for the work performed — all while on-site!

3. MotorBase Improves Job Repair Management Efficiency on High Priority Jobs

MotorBase can give you complete control over all repair job management. Because of that, you can manage your shop with a far greater degree of efficiency. Greater efficiency can result in managing high priority work in a more timely manner. Specific ways MotorBase can help turn that into sales include:

  • MotorBase enables you to clearly view all work in progress and allocate resources accordingly when rush jobs come in.
  • MotorBase captures all job history. When rush work arrives you know exactly how long similar work has taken in the past; so you can plan accordingly.
  • MotorBase keeps your workflow organized allowing you to manage all work in your shop smoothly when more intense workloads arrive.
  • MotorBase tracks inventory in real-time so you know immediately if required parts and materials for rush jobs are in stock or if they need to be ordered.

4. MotorBase Allows You to Offer Motor/Equipment Management to Your Customers

More and more, companies are turning to electric motor repair shops to manage their equipment. MotorBase enables you to catalog and manage all motors and other equipment your customers own.

  • ID/Tag equipment on location.
  • Collect nameplate data.
  • Track equipment location and status.
  • View equipment maintenance history.
  • Attach pictures, videos, or other documents to each piece of equipment.
  • Keep/Print notes, logs, or electronic sticky notes about each piece of equipment.
  • Perform Preventative Maintenance and record results using our customized testing tab for each piece of equipment – print or send the results to excel for graphing and charting.
  • Search customer equipment.
  • Duplicate equipment.

5. MotorBase Lets You Offer a Customer Web Portal

The MotorBase Customer Web Portal is an extension of the motor management function. Provide your customers with a link to the MotorBase Customer Web Portal which gives them access to a vast amount of information pertaining to their jobs and orders. The Web Portal gives your customer access to their motors/equipment, jobs, quotes, payables, and your inventory according to permissions and protocols you set. Your company maintains and controls the information your customers can see in the Web Portal. Information accessible to the customer includes:

  • Payables
  • Identify Paid or Unpaid Invoices
  • View Invoices
  • Print Invoices
  • Jobs
  • View Job Statuses and Detail
  • View Attachments to Jobs
  • Video Files
  • Picture Files
  • Other Documents
  • View Motor Information
  • View Job Date and Completion Date
  • Quotes
  • View Quote Status and Detail
  • View Quotes
  • Print Quotes
  • Motors
  • View Motor Management Inventory
  • Quick View Motor Nameplate Data
  • Make
  • Model
  • HP
  • RPM
  • Frame
  • Enclosure
  • Volts
  • Serial
  • View Detailed Motor Nameplate Data
  • View Motor Attachments
  • Video Files
  • Picture Files
  • Other Documents
  • View all Job History for a motor
  • Inventory
  • Search for Inventory available
  • See Customer Specific Pricing
  • See availability
  • Quick Search
  • Product ID
  • Category
  • Motors
  • Bearings
  • Drives
  • Pumps
  • And more
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Description
  • And more