Increase Quality
Increase Capacity
Increase Profitability

The QM Wizard is a stand-alone module designed to improve quality management in your shop regardless of what system you employ for day-to-day operations.

For customers already using MotorBase or My Shop, the QM Wizard is an add-on module designed to share information with MotorBase or My Shop to enhance data collection and reporting features already inherent in those ERP systems.

  • Ensure accuracy — data is validated upon entry.
  • Ensure compliance with standards and requirements.
  • Ensure consistency between employees.
  • Promote perfection.
  • Reduce rework — jobs are completed correctly the first time.

Supervise from anywhere

  • Monitor job progress remotely.
  • Authorize progress following a failure from mobile devices.
  • Monitor field service jobs from the office.
  • View at a glance failure information.
  • View failure and corrective action histories.

Reclaim time wasted:

  • When employees leave the work area to research reference material.
  • Retraining on basic tasks.
  • Adjusting inconsistencies.
  • When people duplicate work.
  • When jobs go undocumented.
  • When documentation is illegible or incomplete.
  • When documentation is misplaced.
  • Caused by preventable human error.
  • When improper procedures lead to rework.
  • When you need to track down information to answer basic questions.