Efficiency & Consistency in Quality

Bring your company into the 21st century with the
Quality Management Wizard™.

Basic Functions

  • Upload your PDF forms.
  • QM Wizard converts your form fields into individual tasks in checklist format.
  • Users enter results electronically.
  • When optional criteria are added to tasks, results are validated upon entry.
  • Tasks initially appear in black in the Task Grid.
  • Completed tasks (not violating any preset criteria) turn from black to green upon completion.
  • When an entry violates preset criteria, the task turns from black to yellow, orange, or red depending on the level of severity.
  • Administrators and Supervisors can track progress and review results and failure reports for all jobs.
  • Take photos and create electronic drawings.
  • The end result is a professional report based on your PDF form.
  • Record inspection results.
  • Instant data validation.
  • Add criteria & tolerances to any task.
  • Create your own forms.
  • Create your own task lists.
  • Link videos & photos.
  • Embed instructions.
  • Embed reference material.
  • Mobile access.
  • Use with tablets/mobile devices.
  • Attach photos & drawings.
  • Monitor progress.
  • Monitor failures.
  • Multi-level failure options.
  • Taylor actions following a failure to your process.
QMW Task Grid

Dashboard provides at a glance progress and failure information.

Insert photos directly into tasks and final report with mobile device cameras.