Real-Time Supervision Over All Jobs
On Site and Field Service

The Quality Management (QM) Wizard was designed as much a supervisory tool as it was for process improvement and data collection.

Supervisors login to QM Wizard and have instant visibility into every job or project.

Dashboard provides at-a-glance information

  • Job number / date
  • Customer name
  • Job progress / percentage complete
  • Number of associated failures

Quick access to reports and attachments

Drill down into any job to view detailed information, photos, and other attachments.

Built-in supervisory controls

The QM Wizard included three failure levels, color coded to highlight failures.

  • Level 1 — Warning: highlights an issue but allows workers to continue. The technician is required to enter a note before proceeding.
  • Level 2 — Moderate: elevates an issue to supervisory level. Companies may require a supervisor password in order for the technician to continue. Supervisors can login remotely to enter password.
  • Level 3 — Critical: elevates an issue to supervisory level and can be set to lock down the entire job requiring supervisor action to allow work to continue.

NOTE: Textual cues also indicate failures in the case of colorblindness and monotone devices.

Task Entry Audit Trail

An audit trail begins when a technician enters a result. The QM Wizard tracks and records each entry providing a trail of entries and corrective actions.