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"Quite innovative and unique. It’s a program like none other I have seen!"

Jonathan Gallagher

Corporate Quality Control Manager, Jay Industrial Repair, AL
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QM Wizard standardizes processes and ensures high quality work. Use QM Wizard to supplement training to bridge the experience gap. License fee pays for itself in a few days:
Saved time + increased capacity = more billable hours

Provide insight to key stakeholders

QM Wizard transforms custom PDF forms and checklists into a digital  data-capturing Quality Management, training, and transparency tool, providing insight to key stakeholders. Imagine an electronic step-by-step process that evaluates entries against your preset criteria and tolerances to standardize work and ensure high quality workmanship.

Easily incorporate company or customer specifications

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Technology for the technician

QM Wizard is an electronic checklist, reporting, and data capture system providing:

Process Reliability: Improve every procedure in any industry.


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