It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Paper

In many industries, paper is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, this isn't the case for many electric motor and other apparatus repair shops.

 Have you found that doing everything on paper leads to mix-ups and angry customers? It’s easy for small mistakes to add up when using physical documents and files. For example, if a job card is lost, a motor may sit around for weeks. You may not even know who it belongs to until someone calls looking for it!

Other times you simply may be unable to read an order slip or document. Maybe someone wrote it up in a hurry, and their handwriting is difficult to decipher. Electro-mechanical apparatus repair is also messy work– there’s no way around it! How many times have your documents been smudged with oily fingerprints?

Despite all the problems associated with paper, many companies stick to it because that’s what they know. Let Spring Point change that!

Eliminate paper and manual processes

With our software suite, you can eliminate paper documents and manual processes. From automated processes to electronic forms, Spring Point is bringing apparatus repair to the 21st century.

Going paperless has many advantages, including:

Increased Efficiency

Paper is inefficient, which leads to inefficiencies elsewhere. With Spring Point, you’ll be able to manage everything in one system from anywhere. Finish tasks faster. No more trying to match order slips to machines or worrying about misplaced job cards.

With Spring Point’s shop management software, forget about printing and reprinting an endless queue of documents. Instead, you’ll be able to update jobs and quotes in real time, keeping your team on the same page and aligning your efforts in the right direction.

Reduced Waste

There’s no way around it: printing everything on paper isn’t just inefficient: it’s also incredibly wasteful. With the Spring Point repair management system, you won’t need to print out tons of documents only to be filed and stored or shredded later. Cut down on company waste while freeing up space in your office. Paper and ink costs a lot of money each year, not to mention replacing outdated office equipment. Spring Point will help you save!

More Environmentally Friendly

Paper use is hard on the environment. Going digital with Spring Point reduces your dependency on paper and helps the environment.

Eliminating paper saves you time and money, but it isn’t just good for your electro-mechanical apparatus repair shop, employees, and customers. It’s also good for the earth! If your organization is considering a green initiative, switching over to a digital platform is a simple and effective way to accomplish your goals.

Improved Communication

When it comes to communicating with customers, paper just isn’t reliable enough! 

With our shop management software, customer information is always accessible: no more flipping through folders looking for one specific name or number. No more chasing through the shop to find a job card or the last person who worked on a job. Detailed histories, notes, and statuses are only a click or two away. Improve communication with your staff and customers immediately. Sharing data and reports takes only seconds, and online access makes information available at any time from any location.

Access to Information from Anywhere

One of the greatest advantages of going paperless is that you can access information from anywhere. All of your industrial apparatus repair data is available from any location– all you need is a phone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection!

Accessing shop files no longer requires you to be physically in your shop manually digging through folders. With the Spring Point Suite, finding customer information, orders, reports, and more doesn’t depend on your location, which gives you more flexibility than ever before. Manage your business from anywhere. Being tied to a desk is a relic of the past.

Simplified Reporting

The Spring Point Suite includes over 500 reports that can be tailored and run at varying levels of detail depending on the purpose.

Beyond that you can create your own reports to meet your unique information needs. Schedule reports to run automatically and be emailed to specified recipients at designated intervals. Need a sales report on Monday, a daily job status update, or end of month financial – no problem.

Say goodbye to your folders, stacks of paper, highlighters, and stapler! It only takes a few moments to generate what you need. Going digital makes reporting easy.

Analytics for Business Intelligence

The Spring Point system was designed to give shop owners the ability to make sound data-driven decisions. Your data can be analyzed using the tools available in the Spring Point Suite – a huge advantage over paper. The information you need to understand your business is collected and entered through daily routine operations. Accessing and leveraging your shop information has never been easier!


Another advantage Spring Point offers over paper/manual processes and even over other software systems is our support. Our system is created specially for apparatus repair professionals, by industry insiders. Spring Point originated in an electric motor repair shop. Most of our staff worked in the industry prior to coming to Spring Point. We understand your world, and if you run into any issues, we’re here to help get you back on track.

Set Your Shop Apart

Going digital is one of the easiest and most effective ways to set your apparatus repair shop apart from the competition. Being paperless will make your company more efficient, organized, and profitable.

A good industrial apparatus repair business operates like the precision machinery they provide, Make the management process easy on you, your staff, and customers. Our software suite can make this vision a reality. An efficient digital system is sure to impress your customers and keep them coming back.

There’s never been a better time to say goodbye to paper. With Spring Point, you have access to the most advanced apparatus sales and service software available, and it will be an investment that pays off in more ways than one!

Spring Point software in your shop will save you time and money, reduce waste, and give you keen insight into your business.

If you’ve been searching for a way to streamline your workflow, manage inventory, and repair work orders more efficiently, or improve communication both internally and with customers—look no further.

Say goodbye to paper.

Contact us today to start your journey with Spring Point!