QM Wizard

“QM Wizard really impressed our customers. It set us apart from everybody else.”

Joel McMahon

CEO, Jay Industrial Repair, Birmingham AL

QM Wizard improves quality management

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Supervise from anywhere

Reclaim time wasted

Pass Accreditation Audits

QM Wizard is a proven favorite of accreditation auditors when it comes to passing an EASA Accreditation or other certification audit.

QM Wizard & integrated data technology

QM Wizard pushes and pulls information to and from the other integrated data apps in the Spring Point Suite. Updates, photos, reports, etc. are shared in real time to keep your team on the same page in today’s fast-paced world.

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Technology for technicians

QM Wizard puts technology on your shop floor and in the hands of your field service technicians. Replace paper forms. Techs move step-by-step through your unique processes, and the QM Wizard completes a professional, final report while results are being entered. Linked instructions and reference material:


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QM Wizard entries and reports update the other integrated data apps in the Spring Point Suite:

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