"What attracted me to Spring Point is that everything is housed under one system. So, you have operations, you have billing, and you have reporting, all within one unified system."

Kristina Wilson

CFO, Jay Industrial Repair, Birmingham AL

If you need it, it’s probably already in the Spring Point Suite.

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The Spring Point Suite is everything you need to manage an industrial apparatus sales & service company. Businesses have many aspects from job tracking to accounting to customer management. Spring Point brings it all together into a single comprehensive system.  Keep your team on the same page with real-time information you can access from anywhere.

The Spring Point Suite integrates data across the various apps in the Suite.

Information flows across the integrated data apps to keep your organization focused and on the same page. 

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Tools in a Toolbox

Think of it as tools in a toolbox. Some are versatile and will be used all the time. Others are highly specialized and will be used on occasion or by only a few individuals for specific purposes.
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Right Tool for the Job

No matter your role in the company, there’s an integrated data app in the Spring Point Suite to help you do it better and more efficiently.

Discover how Spring Point Suite works

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MotorBase is an ERP system designed for the electro-mechanical apparatus industry. Whether your business favors repairs, distribution, or equipment management & field service, MotorBase is everything you need to manage an apparatus-related business.

As an ERP system, MotorBase is the foundation of the Spring Point Suite. One of our goals has always been to eliminate double data entry. Once information is entered into MotorBase or other parts of the Spring Point Suite, the system will push and pull that information wherever it’s needed.




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QM Wizard transforms custom forms and checklists into a data-capturing Quality Management, training, and transparency tool, providing insight to key stakeholders. Imagine an electronic step-by-step process that evaluates entries against your preset criteria, tolerances, and specifications to standardize work and ensure quality workmanship while bridging the experience gap.


The Equipment Management Solution


Track and manage thousands of diverse equipment items either for your own company or as a service for your customers. Perfect for motor/equipment storage or managing PM services. Track item and document history. View relationships between various equipment items.  Use as a sales tool to expand your business offerings and create a recurring revenue stream. 

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Spring Point CRM integrates your sales opportunity tracking into your daily operations ensuring a smooth transition from prospect to customer and from opportunity to sale while preventing duplicated effort.


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Customer Web Portal gives companies using MotorBase the ability to provide their customers (the motor/equipment owners) with access to information related to their jobs and equipment through the motor shop website via a web portal link.

Other Integrated Data Apps


The Spring Point Suite includes additional integrated data apps to:

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Job Tracker

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Mobile Paperwork

Time Clock


List Manager

List Manager

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Auto Report Generator
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"Jenkins moved to MotorBase last fall to leverage the tremendous operational efficiency and technical accuracy that QM Wizard would give our shop floor and field service operations. Little did we know that moving to the cloud-based MotorBase ERP would be the key to continuing to serve customers and keep our shop open when Covid-19 forced customer service and office staff to work remotely. We didn't miss a beat!"

Iain Jenkins

President, Jenkins Electric Co. Charlotte, NC

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