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Ronnie Norris

Corporate Manager, Jay Industrial Repair, AL
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Capture & view customer data in one place

Simple. Clean. Easy.

Due to technology advances over the past decade, customer expectations are higher than ever, increasing the need for a reliable CRM system. 

Clean, user-friendly interface

The developers of Spring Point CRM built on the customer relationship aspects of MotorBase and designed a clean, user-friendly interface to:

Spring Point CRM integrates your sales opportunity tracking into your daily operations ensuring a smooth transition from prospect to customer and from opportunity to sale while preventing duplicate effort.

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Spring Point CRM: A Better Solution

When it comes to the numerous CRM options available, most tend to be either:

In either case, these systems either:

Organize & optimize your sales effort

Spring Point CRM is one of the integrated data applications in the Spring Point Suite. Customer forms, histories, logs, quote and job info, and reports flow in real time between the CRM, MotorBase and other apps to ensure your sales reps are always prepared with the latest progress and your customers stay informed through your Customer Web Portal. The data integration prevents multiple mismatched data bases which often occur when different systems are maintained by different people or departments within a company.

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