Other Integrated Apps

The right information to the right people at the right time

Other Integrated Apps

Keep your company informed and efficient

Other integrated data applications in the Spring Point Suite provide specific capability to keep your company informed and as efficient as possible. 

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Stay current with a personalized graphic  representation of the information in the Spring Point Suite:  Jobs, Customers, Sales, Financial, etc. Information available to each individual is based on user permission level. Perfect for staff meeting presentations or at-a-glance information at any time.

Spring Point Dashboard
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Icon Spring Point Mobile Paperwork

Mobile Paperwork

Mobile Paperwork does more than its name implies. Eliminate reliance on paper forms, scanning, jump drives and SD cards. 

Instantly attach
job photos

Enter the job number and take photos or attach files. Photos, files and drawings become job attachments and are instantly available in MotorBase.

ESign pickup
& delivery slips

Have your customer sign slips on a mobile device. The signatures can trigger “Delivered” confirmation in MotorBase and update Job status in MotorBase, Tracker, QM Wizard, and the Customer Web Portal.

purchase orders

Track last minute or on-the-fly purchases and ensure the cost is allocated to the job as the purchase is made.

sales receipts

Issue receipts for sales made outside of shop. Especially useful for field service applications.

Time Clock

Time Clock

One of the most important aspects of job costing is knowing where employees spend their time:  labor hours, work codes, etc. The Time Clock apps makes it easy.

Motorbase Mobile Time Clock
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Dynamic scheduling for jobs, employees and resources. One convenient place to create schedules and identify and resolve conflicts. Schedules built here reflect in MotorBase and Time Clock.

Spring Point Scheduler
Job Tracker QM Wizard
Job Tracker Icon


View real-time job status and due dates on monitors in the shop area. The job Tracker highlights jobs coming due and any that are past due.

List Manager

List Manager

MotorBase includes over 500 reports. If you don’t find the one you need, create custom reports from numerous available data fields. Save lists and schedule for automated reporting sent by email through the Auto Report Generator.

List Manager Spring Point
QM Wizard Report Generator

Auto Report Generator

With over 500 reports available in MotorBase and the ability to create custom reports through the List Manager app, the Spring Point Suite gives you access to the information about all facets of your business. Schedule your favorite reports to run and be emailed to designated recipients on recurring basis.

Spring Point Web Services

Integration with other vendor purchasing system simplifies & speeds the purchase process while reducing human error. Spring Point Web Services brings you purchasing, inventory control, and restocking functions together and offers several possibilities to connect your Spring Point account to other industry suppliers. 

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