QM Wizard


supervision over all jobs on site and field service

The Quality Management (QM) Wizard was designed as much as a supervisory tool as it was for process improvement and data collection. Supervisors login to QM Wizard and have instant visibility into every job or project.

Dashboard provides at-a-glance information

Quick Access to Reports and Attachments

Drill down into any job to view detailed information, photos, and other attachments.

QM Wizard improves quality management

Password protect the ability to continue following a recorded failure. Insert custom hold points. Internal messaging. Visibility on progress. Three color-coded alert levels highlight failures:

Level 1

Highlights an issue but allows workers to continue. The technician is required to enter a note before proceeding.

Level 2

Elevates an issue to supervisory level. Companies may require a supervisor password for the technician to continue. Supervisors can login remotely to enter password.

Level 3

Elevates an issue to supervisory level and can be set to lock down the affected department or entire job. Requires supervisor action before work can continue.

NOTE: Textual cues also indicate failures to accommodate colorblindness.

Task entry audit trail

An audit trail begins when a technician enters a result. The QM Wizard tracks and records each entry providing a record of entries and corrective actions.

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