QM Wizard

As a Training Tool

& improve training

Skilled Labor is Increasingly on the Decline

Use QM Wizard to augment employee training

Keep Materials Where They Are Needed

Keep instructions & reference material where they are needed – with the employee and associated with individual tasks.

Link documents, photos, drawings, and even videos to each task

The QM Wizard allows you to link documents, photos, drawings, and even videos to each task. When employees don’t recall how to perform a procedure they don’t need to leave a work station to find a supervisor to ask a question. Links to instructions, reference materials, and even how-to videos are a touch or two on a tablet away. Maintain consistency by linking your company procedures to tasks in the QM Wizard so jobs are accomplished the same way every time. Set tolerances and criteria behind the scenes so that employee and supervisor attention is flagged when entries fall outside desired ranges.

QMW Test Instructions

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